What is Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)?

Essentially, we become your internal recruitment partner. We can act as an extension of your existing internal recruitment team, or we can manage your entire recruitment function.

How we go about it

We understand your business and your culture. We make it personal. We get to know your business and your specific requirements, to then help you build a thriving team, all set for future growth.

We’ve worked with start-ups, scale-ups, disrupters, challenger brands, niche SMEs, to global players. We understand the unique challenges each of these kinds of businesses and recruitment teams face in the competitive and ever-evolving market of today.

We define the specific scope of what service we provide to you specifically. We craft a tailored approach based on your needs, establishing our bespoke recruitment service that seamlessly ties in, either with your existing internal recruitment team’s processes or with your overarching business processes.

We consolidate and reduce your recruitment costs by agreeing to a clear monthly fee that allows your business to plan for the next 12+ months. As part of that, we offer a 3 month guarantee on all candidates placed, so if things shouldn’t work out within 90 days, we will find you a replacement at zero cost.


5 reasons - Why you should use RaaS

OneReduce Costs.
Recruiting related costs include recruiting technologies, applicant tracking systems, advertising on job boards, niche job board advertising, candidate database licenses and beyond that, the unpredictable time investment needed to keep up to date with the latest talent attraction channels, reviewing, longlisting and shortlisting. Using RaaS allows your business to roll all of these costs and investments into one predictable and cost-effective solution that’s delivered efficiently.

TwoReach more active and also passive candidates.
Attracting and securing top talent within an ever-growing competitive job market can be a challenge. Different roles and seniority levels require different approaches to track down talent.

We can tap into our internal database and social media networks, reaching thousands of candidates, alongside crafting a tailored talent attraction campaign, which includes a range of avenues such as advertising, database searches as well as headhunting. This means you can take full advantage of our experienced recruitment team’s expertise and networks, to reach a broader candidate pool.

ThreeBuild an employer brand and a reputation as an employer of choice.
As we act as an extension of your team, our talent attraction campaigns and adverts will have your name on it and the adverts will be written by our expert team, ensuring they truly represent what you are looking for, but also what you offer as an employer of choice, building brand awareness.


FourBe the candidate’s first choice.
In today’s competitive market, candidates may get several job offers. Candidates are more likely to accept a job offer if the recruitment process is positive. Having gone through a smooth and clear recruiting experience may set your offer apart from the others. We can also help you to make the on-boarding process equally smooth, offering a positive candidate experience from start to finish.


Gain a competitive advantage.

If you don’t have an internal recruitment team yet, RaaS could be a solution that sets you apart from and puts you ahead of your competition that are in a similar situation. You’ll be able to utilize our recruitment expertise to build a team of top talent, having access to candidates through our networks and channels that your competitors may not be able to reach.