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Why to get into Tech Sales now

The Tech sector is strong here in the South West. Just a quick look at the TechNation Report makes this very clear and obvious.

35,924 Digital Tech Economy Jobs in Bristol & Bath alone, Digital Business Concentration is very high (4.35 score) and an average of 225 start up births per year. Impressive to say the least.

No surprise when looking at the stats, it’s something we see on our desks too: The Tech Sales sector is booming.

Here a few reasons that we hear over and over again during our conversations with candidates, why they decided to specialize in Tech Sales:

What you are selling is some pretty impressive stuff

Look at those topping the 2017 “Disrupt SW Index”. Ultrahaptic’s Tech lets you touch virtual objects mid-air; FiveAI are working on safe and cost effective autonomous urban mobility; Graphcore are accelerating the development of next generation AI; Open Bionics have developed affordable alternatives for amputees and Wealthify makes investment possible for the mass market. All rather impressive. And when scrolling down the list of indexed businesses, the variety of products and services originating from the South West is beyond grand.

Loads of growth and room to grow

In the Bristol and Bath region, 17.4% of Digital Tech Businesses are classified as high growth, TechNation reports a 23% increase in Digital Tech Businesses and a 87% increase of Digital Business Turnover. Loads of potential here, also to grow your career and to achieve your career ambitions alongside the business ambitions.

Some pretty good packages out there

Tech Sales positions usually offer a whole raft of benefits and perks alongside flexibility and ownership. When checking in with candidates that we placed in Tech Sales, we’d say that they are rather satisfied with their jobs, happy all around. And let’s not forget about the remuneration and commission up for grabs within Tech Sales. Doing the job requires a versatile skills set, but you can expect to be paid according to what skills you can offer to drive the business growth forward.

Opportunities aplenty

24,754 jobs in digital tech in Bristol and Bath alone. Do we need to say more.


If Tech Sales sounds like something you’d like to break into or if you are looking to make a career move within Tech Sales – do get in touch, we may have exactly what you are looking for.