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What to Include in a Sales Job Spec

A well-advertised job description is your first impression for potential candidates. This is your chance to connect and engage in order to attract the right applicants.

When we receive job specs from clients, it’s up to us to advertise the role to ensure that it’s viewed by the right people. Here, some guidelines before submitting your job specification to the enable team.

The job title

The job title is the first part of the spec that is going to catch the candidates’ eye, therefore it should be as clear as possible. It needs to reflect the duties of the role and is usually the main keyword searched for and gives the first impression. Really consider what the role is – business development? outbound sales? telemarketing? just sales?

Remember to also keep the job title free of gender/age implications. It needs to be general enough to compare with similar roles in the sales industry for the purpose of comparison with responsibilities, pay and working conditions.

The summary

A snappy and compelling summary of the role is the first thing that candidates will read, so consider what it is that makes your business unique and sum up why a candidate would like to work for you. Remember to include the exact location here, too.

For sales positions, in particular, it’s important to outline from the get-go what the basic starting salary will be.

The benefits

Consider 3 core benefits that you believe will attract candidates to applying for the job. Think about any employee perks that relate back to this role.

The daily responsibilities

Introduce the candidate to their main tasks and be sure to outline the relationships that will exist by giving them insight into the hierarchal structure, who they’re reporting to and where they’re going to fit in. What are the main things that the applicant will be expected to do?

The professional skills & experience

What experience does the candidate need in order to apply for the role in the first place? Here, the candidate can consider their existing skills to review whether they align with your offering.

This is where you would define something like ‘the ability to deliver presentations’, or ‘a proven track record of developing new business’ for example. Here, you will also want to mention if specific qualifications are required or desired for the role.

The behavioural capabilities

What personal attributes/characteristics do you expect the candidate to demonstrate in this role? This is where you would list something like ‘a real interest in the digital technology world’, or ‘motivational leading capabilities’ for example.

The company culture

The bottom line is, a candidate wants to know if they’ll be a good fit for your business in the long-term. They want to know that they’ll enjoy working with and for you. Always relay back to your company culture and the type of business you are by highlighting the benefits, bonuses and perks that are going to attract people.

Top tip: avoid discrimination and make sure you are as diverse and inclusive as possible, keep it gender-neutral to ensure that you’re not eliminating potential applicants.

If you need support with finding the right salespeople for your sector, get in touch with us today.