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Top tips for a video interview

If you’ve been asked to have a Skype or video interview then the good news is that your CV has worked – you’ve got your foot in the door. It might be a virtual door, but you should still treat it as a formal interview and prepare with our top tips below.

A video interview in many ways can seem a bit more daunting than a phone interview, because you’ll need to think about eye contact, your setting, appearance and how you’re coming across via video…

Relax and look at the camera

Relax, compose yourself and talk to the interviewer exactly as you would if they were in the room with you. Make sure you try and look at the camera rather than getting distracted seeing yourself on the screen. If you’re looking at the camera this will look much more like you’re making eye contact the other end.

Stay focused and still

Think about your setting and what you are doing. Don’t be tempted to move the camera, or walk around, or start doing something else. Give your full attention to whoever is interviewing you and avoid interruptions. Keep your environment quiet – turn your phone notifications off, exactly as you would in any other interview.

Dress to impress

Appearance – make sure you are looking as presentable as you would at a face to face interview, even if you aren’t leaving your lounge. Think about the appearance of the setting you are in too – choose a spot that is tidy and neutral. Make sure the spot you choose looks more study space, than laundry room.

Check your technology

Check that your computer is set up for the call – if you’re on a laptop or phone then it’s essential that your battery is charged or plugged in. Is your internet working and do you have a back up option if something does fail? Close any other programmes that might be running on your computer and make sure that your profile picture and display information are professional.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice being interviewed by video with a friend, record it and assess how you and your background look on video. If something doesn’t look very good then adjust your setting until you have a neutral backdrop with good lighting.

Be warm and engaging

Don’t forget to be engaging and warm. Smile. You might be using technology and miss natural cues to smile and be warm, but don’t let this make you come across more robot than person.  When you are listening don’t be completely silent, let the other caller know that you are still there by making intermittent listening sounds like yes and hmm…

Good luck in your video interview – just remember to relax, smile and be yourself. You’ve got this!

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