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Top Sales Skills in Demand for 2020

At enable, we are communicating with recruiters daily and really get to know what sales skills are in demand for 2020. If you’re looking for a top sales job then make sure you’re developing these skills so you can put them on your CV and confidently demonstrate them at interview.


This one’s fairly obvious, but you must have strong communication and listening skills if you are to build successful relationships, trust and rapport with clients and also to move the sales process along, secure commitments and manage expectations. It’s not just about the spoken word though, good communication also involves presenting yourself professionally online across email, video conference and social media, which we’ll come onto…


Next, is storytelling and yes it’s connected to communication, but worth thinking of as a separate sales skill in demand because it requires sales reps to explain how previous and similar customers have found a solution with the services and products they are selling.

It’s important that you are clear, authentic and engaging to really appeal to a buyer’s emotions. Nobody enjoys buying from a robot with a set script to run through.

Social Selling

Social selling – are you set up as a professional on Linkedin and Twitter? Don’t ignore these platforms, instead use them to build up an online community and enhance your personal brand to spread your sales message and connect to prospects and customers with personalised outreach. A good salesperson will understand what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to engaging prospects on social media.

Good judgement

if you have a career, or want a career in sales then you have to know how to make quick and good business decisions constantly. Being savvy enough to make the right call is a key skill and you can’t be nervous and indecisive. Confidence goes a long way.


And last, but not least is listening, active listening. If you can really listen then you will be asking relevant questions, you will understand any potential hurdles so you can navigate around them early in the sales process and really make your customers feel understood and valued.

Enable Director, Tim talks through what sales skills he thinks are most desirable for 2020, below.

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