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Attract Sales Talent with Flexible Working Options

Although salary and commission are key motivators for sales professionals, that’s not the only benefit that candidates are seeking, especially in the age of modern office life. Many are becoming more interested in how they can plan their working schedule around their personal lives to create a better work-life balance. How? Flexible working.

Flexibility doesn’t mean working from home every day, or even once a month, it’s simply providing the option to do so for the benefits of the business and the individual. It’s about removing the rigid rules of the 9-5 day, and embracing the option should they need to work flexibly from time to time.

Giving professionals the freedom and autonomy to take more responsibility for their own output shows that as an employer, you are open-minded and adaptable.

It is not uncommon for candidates we talk with to be seeking flexible options in their next role, whether that is being able to work from home or operate on flexi hours.

Based on the conversations we have with our candidates, here are the most common reasons that people would like to be given the option to flexibly work.

Improved productivity and output

Sales is a fast-paced career and taking staff wellbeing into consideration can avoid potential employee burnout and frustration. Sales environments are typically focused on hitting targets and some days, pressure may be high.

If as a business you offer flexible working, your team are given the professional freedom to take the time they need to clear their heads and refocus during potentially intense days.

Getting the best from your employees and allowing them to feel comfortable, rejuvenated and focused is in the best interests of everyone across the board.

Trust and value

Quality sales professionals are looking for employers that stand out, those that are committed to attracting and retaining their employees.

Flexible working options make people feel valued; like they’re working for a business that truly cares for its staff and values them by trusting them to work how they operate most efficiently.

Some people prefer not to work flexibly, but providing the option highlights that you trust your team and respect their judgement to effectively work their responsibilities around their personal needs.

Staff retention

The sales industry has been known for its fast turnover rate, and keeping your top sales employees is important. If you currently don’t have any kind of flexible working options, you could be missing out on attracting top talent and providing your current staff from working to their full potential.

Those who feel frustrated in their work are typically less productive and very often opt for a change of job to seek more flexible working options.

If you need support with finding the right salespeople for your sector, get in touch with the team.