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Sales Job Interview Prep Checklist – How to close the deal

First, you impress with your CV and application, then your phone interview skill, you may have nailed the video call and then on to the face to face, to meet the interviewer in person, or a team of interviewers – and in most cases you get to know the office or environment you could be working in.

Remember, this remains a two way street. This is a chance for you to find out if this is the right opportunity for you and the interviewer will want to find out if you are the right fit and exactly what they are looking for. So, a few basic things here you’d want to make sure of and check and consider during your preparation.

Be on time. Let’s get that one in here first. No explanation needed why. Make an excellent first impression…

Look like you are ‘it’. Make sure you know what the dress code of the environment is – find out in advance if unsure – dress to impress, and to fit in.

Be nice. Sounds obvious, but being friendly goes a long way. Be confident about your achievements, but not arrogant. Make sure the interviewer realizes that you’d be a good person to be and have around, be a positive addition to the team.

This includes being nice about your previous employers and colleges. No need to go on a rant about anyone or anything. This is not the time or place.

Be prepared in general. Make sure you know your stuff, be ready to get across that you are the right person for this opportunity and for this particular company. To be able to do so, you will need to look into what they do, who they are, what exactly is expected from the successful applicant – and most importantly, how you, your skills and your achievements, can demonstrate that you can deliver exactly that in the environment.

Be prepared for the specifics. Expect questions and be ready for them.
Be in touch with latest trends within the sector the business operates within. They might ask you about the latest industry developments.
Know your numbers, quantify and capture your professional achievements within specific facts. ..and show how your previous successes can be translated in to what’s expected from the person that gets the job you want.

Ask more questions. Ask specific questions about the job, fill any information gaps you see. Ask about the office environment, about the culture, training, career progression, the vision of the company and about next steps of the process.
A good question to close with is “Is there anything that you think I might be lacking to be able to get the job?” and “How do I compare to other interviewees that you’ve seen?”. No need to tiptoe around this. You will get an initial indication of their thoughts. If they are hesitant to share, no need to be pushy, we will ask all the questions to get and gather full interview feedback for you.

If you don’t hear back after your interview, make sure to follow up with us. We can then communicate to the client that you checked in. It shows that you really want this.