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Sales Job Application Checklist – How to ace it

Applying for a sales job can be a big task. Here a few tips to sense check against, to make it less daunting… some things here you should consider and tick off as “done” for your application.

Your cover letter and CV are tailored. You have thoroughly thought through how your experience relates to the position you are applying for. Make sure that your cover letter and CV both showcase exactly that – show why you are the right person for the role, importantly you need to sell yourself and make sure your success stories stand out head and shoulders above everything else.

Grammar and spelling are spotless. You show that you have an eye for detail, that you didn’t rush this. You make a good first impression. If unsure, get someone to check and help you with this.

Your contact details are correct. The details you have included make it easy for contact to be made with you and are accurate. Make sure your email address is professional – so if you’re ‘[email protected]’ or ‘[email protected]’ keep this for personal use and set up something that is more appropriate for your job search.

All files you are submitting have most appropriate names. Make it simple for those receiving the files to save them, not having to re-name them. For example name it “CV Full Name” and “Cover Note Full Name”, possibly with a date.

Your application includes everything that is needed. Check that everything is there. If you need to submit a response to a question or a set of questions, ensure that you do. If you are asked to address certain selection criteria, ensure you addressed them well and meet any deadline set.

You are prepared for a call back. Now that you are set to succeed, you have and know the details for the role, if you get a call back, you are ready to talk specifics.