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Sales CV Checklist: Key Achievements

As well as your hard skills and previous experience, listing your key achievements can set you apart from other candidates. You should of course only list the professional achievements that truly matter to you, in order to keep your application authentic.

One way to identify your top successes is to sit down and think about what you feel truly proud of. The other is to think about when you’ve felt challenged, and how you have overcome this. What pushed you out of your comfort zone to develop you further?

Here, some example achievements to consider and include within your CV – based on our daily conversations with clients and candidates.

Supporting people in a role: if you have trained any team members or assisted with mentoring in a previous role, this is a favourable skill as well as a professional achievement.

Proud moments: Showcasing personal achievements from previous sales roles that make you feel proud enable you to convey your emotional and genuine connection to what you do. Very nice for an employer to see. An example of this could be awards won.

Increasing sales figures: for sales and business development roles, this is a particularly important one. if an employer can clearly see that you have grown boosted sales of a particular percentage, you will stand out.

Problem-solving: If you can think of a time where you made a real difference by finding a solution to an issue, this should absolutely be listed on your CV. This could perhaps be turning a customer’s viewpoint around.

Launching a new product/initiative: if you have been a part of new success for a business you’ve previously worked for, such as a new product launch, this should definitely be listed.

Increasing business market recognition: If you have been a part of marketing your products and services as well as selling them, this is a great key achievement to add to your CV.

Top tip: always ensure that the achievements you’ve listed are completely relevant to the position you are applying for. Don’t feel the need to write a long description of each, a simple word or phrase is enough – and these can make positive talking points during any upcoming interviews.