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Ronaldo v Messi: Master 1 Company or Several?

Which is better for your career? Staying with one business or switching jobs after chunks of time? Who would you hire? Two very different journeys – but the same end goal, if you’ll pardon the pun. ⚽️

Let’s start with Cristiano Ronaldo. He wanted to prove himself to multiple leagues over the years, to enhance his skills and adaptability. Now, let’s look at Lionel Messi. He stayed with Barcelona since he signed aged 13. They’re two of the most successful football players in the world, but which of them chose the “right” path?

When it comes to sales, there’s a plethora of opportunities and sectors that you can immerse yourself in. While some people prefer to commit to one business and growth within that business, others prefer to utilise chunks of their time with various companies.

In the past decade, the job market has changed drastically. While it used to be the norm for professionals to stay with a single company for a long duration, today, many people decide to hop from company to company in search of new growth and opportunity.

While different career strategies work for different people, each approach certainly has its fair share of advantages. Based on our daily conversations with candidates, these are the main benefits of each.

The Messi Approach – Company Commitment

When you stay with the same company for the long-term, you can often see a clear growth path, particularly in larger companies.

Those who stay longer will usually have seniority there, simply because they come to know the company inside-out; the processes and procedures. They will have a wide array of experience.

With this natural progression, you can essentially plan out several years in advance exactly what roles, skills and experiences you need to learn and develop to get to where you want to be within the role.

The Ronaldo Approach – Mastering Several

Ronaldo is renowned for getting to the very top of his game, then moving on to another club.

While the commitment to one company is commendable, having a diverse background can make you very attractive to recruiters/employers. Those who have worked for a handful of businesses can provide different perspectives on the industry. Going from job to job often provides the perfect mix of skills that an employer is looking for.

By working for multiple companies, you’ll have the mindset to see how a variety of businesses operate. You’ll learn what’s worked for other companies in the past and what hasn’t. This will give you unique insight and help you gain skills that may not be achieved by working for one employer.

So, which are you? Ronaldo or Messi?

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