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Resources & Courses for Furloughed Salespeople

Short-term layoffs are an unfortunate reality for many of our clients and candidates as a result of COVID-19.

For sales professionals that have some free time and are looking to stay ahead of the game, we’ve collected a bunch of online resources and courses to take the interest of those looking to learn, upskill and stay occupied.

Stuff to Read

Some blogs that we’ve been told are full of useful content…

Learn and Upskill

Now is the perfect time (in between Netflix and naps) to be brushing up your skills, whether it’s developing your selling techniques or mastering your process. Knowledge is power.

Sites like SkillShare, Futurelearn and Udemy all have great sales courses, some are free and others come with some promotional discounts. Some free sales courses here…

Join Online Meetups & Groups

There are some great meetups, Facebook and LinkedIn groups for sales professionals out there. Some that have been mentioned to us…

Listen & Watch

Learn, multi-task and observe. There are a wide range of sales-focused podcasts and webinars to keep you educated and entertained during your time on furlough.

Think ahead

If there are certain soft skills that you think you could brush up on, you’ll be way ahead of the game once you’re back at your desk, ready to thrive and connect with your prospects.

We hope these resources have helped. For Sales Recruitment Expertise, please get in touch with the team on 0117 301 8495 today if you are seeking help with the growth of your sales or business development teams.