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Researching an Employer: Top Tips

Now you’ve reached interview stage, it’s time to set yourself ahead of the competition by getting to know who the company is and what they’re all about.

Not only does researching stand you in good stead in terms of opening up a conversation during your interview, but it shows the employer that you’re genuinely interested in the company and the role.

Here, our top tips on researching a company before your interview.

Scroll their website

It seems obvious, but a website is a shop window for any business. Focus particularly on the About page, and review key information about their products/services. What are they selling? What are their core values and mission? What is their USP? Who are the key players in the organisation?

Find them on social

Social media channels are a quick way to get a clear overview of a brand/business. You can gauge the tone of voice, you can see how active they are on social as a business and get an overview of the culture. Check the company out on LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, remember – LinkedIN showcases company work history, which might be something to make a note of.

Check out the Company Culture

Fitting into a working environment and culture is an important part of engaging with a new role. Take advantage of websites like Glassdoor, where you’ll find reviews written by current/previous employees, which will give you a good insight into what it’s really like to work there, which makes a positive prompt for conversation.

Review Industry Trends & Competitors

Use Google News to research industry trends and get to know the primary competitors of the business by typing in keywords into the search engine.

For example, if you’re interviewing for a data protection company in London, research “data protection companies London” to see what else is out there. Being aware of what’s going on in the industry of the role you’re going for will show the employer that you competent and ahead of the game.

Read up on clients

In sales particularly, it’s important to know the types of clients that the company will be working with and selling to. If this information isn’t readily available/on their website, this is something that you can ask during the interview.

This isn’t to say you need to know the company inside-out before you arrive, as interviews are also a great opportunity to ask the right questions. Here, 5 example questions to ask during your sales interview.