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5 questions to ask during your sales interview

Every stage of a sales interview is about the hiring manager’s evaluation of you, however, it’s also an opportunity for you to assess them as a company and analyse how well you’d conform.

At the end of an interview, you’re commonly asked if you have any questions. Your prospective employer isn’t expecting (or wanting) you to pluck random questions out of thin air, and if you don’t have a genuine question, the most appropriate response would be something like “I don’t have any questions right now but if I do think of any, would you be happy for me to email them through?”.

Albeit, it always looks better if you have authentic questions prepared, as it shows that you have a sincere interest in the company and the role, and you’re not just treating this as “another job interview”.

Here are 5 potential questions that you could ask the prospective employer at the end of your interview, but remember to tailor them accordingly. You don’t have to ask 5 questions, it’s probably best to select your top 2 or 3.

Top tip: make sure you take necessary notes while listening to their responses, it will only add to showcasing your genuine interest in the job.

How do you see [name of company] growing in the next 5 years?

Employers like this question because it shows your interest in developing your career with the company long-term. It also shows your personal aspiration of joining an ambitious and prosperous business.

How would you describe the culture of [company name]?

Cultural fit is essential and the majority of interviewers will want to see your personality shine through in order to assess whether you’d fit in with the team and their core values. This question shows the employer that you have a personal interest in the company and are keen for a collaborative working environment.

How often do sales reps have group meetings or one-to-one catch-ups?

This question shows that you’re thinking outside the box, you’re imagining everyday working life at the company and you’re considering how your own professional development would take place at regular intervals.

“I saw on your website that one of [company name’s] behaviours is [X]. How is this generally practiced?”

Company values are usually a fundamental part of the way the business is operated, and if you ask how those behaviours are instilled into company culture, it shows that you’ve done your research – which looks very promising to the hiring manager.

What is the selling process and how do you get your best leads?

Asking this question will show your inquisitiveness in how the sales actually operate within the company. This trait of curiosity also shows that you genuinely care about the sales approach and how it works.

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