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Q: Why do you want to work in sales?

First up – congratulations on reaching the interview stage for your applied sales role! As part of our “Q:” sales interview questions series, we’d like to help you answer the broad and fairly tricky question “why do you want to work in sales?”.

Your potential employer wants to feel confident that you have the motivation to develop professionally as a salesperson while positively representing the company and brand, so they may ask you something along the lines of: why exactly do you want to work in the sales industry?

Remember: an interview formats depends on the employer, but it puts you at an advantage to consider the most common possible questions beforehand. Your interviewer isn’t trying to “catch you out”, they just want to understand your motivation to represent this industry.

Here are some guidelines that can help you answer the question ‘why do you want to work in sales?’ – but remember, your answer should reflect your truth. If you are offered the position, you need to be able to live up to the things you said at interview stage.

From our perspective, people have different motivations for wanting to work in sales. Some really enjoy the sales industry as a whole, while others are very dedicated and passionate to selling specific products and services.

Team enable’s top tip: question yourself

During an interview, people can often get into the frantic mindset of “I need to say all of the right things”. It’s normal to be nervous, but if you are seeking a role in sales, you must first ask yourself why – otherwise it’s going to be hard to explain to your prospective employer. There needs to be a motivation behind your drive.

Think about how your career has evolved up until this point. Why does sales appeal to you and why does your personality / the way you work marry into it well?

The following pointers will help you express yourself. Remember to think about why you’re opting for sales prior to the interview, because from this, you will be able to express yourself authentically.

Potential answer responses:

“I want to expand my skill set”.

Give examples of your current skills and relate them towards wanting to grow and improve in connection to sales. For example, if you have brilliant communication skills, you could explain that you’re great at building relationships but you’d like to improve your business development skills. Employers like to know that you are aware of your own room for growth.

Mention a trait of your personality.

For example, if you would consider yourself to be an empathetic person, you can link this back to working in sales. For example: “I consider myself to have a lot of empathy and emotional intelligence, so I find it natural to connect with customers by understanding their point of view.”

“I thrive if challenged.”

Sales isn’t necessarily an ‘easy’ career route, and it takes determination to succeed. Showcase your desire to sell [the company’s] product or service and explain your motivation to do so. Landing a new client and/or pitching [the company’s] exciting product could be explained as your motivation. Show that you genuinely enjoy “helping people solve their problems.”

Convey your passion.

If you are genuinely passionate about sales or the product/service that your prospective employer is selling (which we’re sure you are), show them. The best way to do this is by defining an experience where you felt your “eureka” moment, the time you felt “this is what I should be doing”. You can then apply that to their specific industry, product or service.

If you fancy a chat with the team about your thoughts on “why do you want to work in sales?” or to chat about our latest roles, please get in touch.