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Q: What’s your biggest weakness?

One of those questions that comes up in most interviews. A seemingly simple question and some may have their go-to response ready, but are you just reaching for one of those that the interviewer can see right through?

“I’m a perfectionist”
“I’m a workaholic”

Both common go-tos and an interviewer will most likely think that you are not being honest here – even if it is the truth. Worse is the “I don’t have any weaknesses” response. Noone is perfect and a definite ‘no no’ is you trying to frame a strength as a weakness.

Why do you think is this such a common question? It’s actually about your self awareness and what you do about potential blockers or barriers. If you know what you are not so great at but can show that you are aware and that you have given some thought to how to resolve or get better at it – you are nailing the response to this question. There is no one right response here. It’s really down to you specifically.

Here a thought starter and a good example: “I need to work on my public speaking skills”. However, this statement should not stand alone. As soon as named, you should move on to explain what you are doing about it.

You may be listening to Public Speaking training podcasts are watching YouTube videos to help or are even researching courses – especially important if the identified weakness is going to be part of what you’d be doing in the job you are interviewing for.

This shows that you are self aware and that you are onto it, working on your professional self and are looking to improve.