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Q: What motivates you to sell?

If you’re seeking a role in sales, you’re probably already a productive, conversational, confident person with sound networking and negotiation skills. But, as humans, we naturally possess an extensive list of qualities that we might not know how to convey in an interview.

If you’re interviewing for a sales position, the main thing you’ll need to do is show your interviewer that, essentially, you know how to ‘sell’ yourself, your skills and who you are.

Your prospective employer wants to know that you hold the motivation, the drive and the passion to succeed within the sales industry, so they’re likely to ask you: what exactly motivates you to sell?

This question is broad and can be explored along a number of different avenues, therefore it can be easy to misinterpret. When our candidates ask us for advice, we always tell them that it’s vital to convey themselves honestly and truthfully. An employer will be able to sense if you’re not being authentic.

Here are some guidelines that will help you articulate yourself better – but remember, they should always relate to you personally.

Potential answer responses:

Here are a few pointers that may help you to answer these questions honestly and truthfully. Consider and think about what you truly thrive on prior to the interview, because then you can express yourself authentically, in a very natural way. The following guidelines will help you articulate yourself well, but they should always relate to you personally.

  • “The challenge of a sceptical customer” – as it enables you to provide them with the knowledge and understanding to help them learn why the product would benefit them.
  • “The desire to beat your own personal records” – because competing with yourself is the best way to improve how you work. The goal of making bigger deals will always drive you.
  • “The idea of innovation.” Each prospective customer brings a new opportunity, a new personality to work with and therefore a chance to utilise new ideas.
  • “Helping clients.” Selling a product or service that is a resolution to their problem builds positive relationships and leaves room for growth.
  • “Devising creative ideas.” In sales, business development is crucial, and it takes spirit to build a relationship before closing a deal.
  • “Results.” Making large sales and seeking out new clients is exciting because it keeps a rotation of opportunity and incentive.
  • “Building relationships.” The chance to converse with a client and discover whether you make a good fit is the first stage. Once that is established, you can really start to form the trust.

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