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Q: What motivates you, as a salesperson?

When you’re interviewing for a sales job, you’ll more than likely be asked what motivates you? 

Firstly, you have to think about why you are being asked about what motivates you. Employers are looking for people that are driven by money, self-motivated, can close sales and hit sales targets, but this question should not just be answered with “I’m motivated by money”. 

Please elaborate…

Your prospective employer is also looking for some insight into your work ethic and how you could fit in with the company culture.

Yes, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you are goal-orientated and have a strong drive and desire to succeed and make money, but on another level you should also be demonstrating your personality and what makes you really tick. 

Demonstrate your value

For example, if you have good sales experience then make sure you can back up any of your statements with results and figures and give specific examples on what motivated you during different roles to achieve various successes.

This sort of information should all correlate with the details on your CV – share some of those figures and quantifiable achievements demonstrating your unique value during job interviews. 

Be authentic

Always be authentic during your interview and really think about what gives you a kick out of selling and what rewards you in life. Here are some other ideas that you could elaborate on and make personal to your own set of experiences.

Beating your own personal records and achievements 

Coaching and mentoring others

Overcoming problems, or hurdles like converting a sceptical customer

Results – smashing targets and goals

Learning new things

Innovation and creating new solutions to improve a problem or process – business development

Leading a team to success and being part of a team

Seeing things through to the end 

Problem solving – picking up on errors and correcting them before they become major problems 

Building and nurturing relationships and forming trust with clients

Helping clients find a solution. 

We hope these tips have helped. Just remember to be yourself and prepare as much as you can prior to your interview – preparation will make you feel more confident. Get in touch with enable on 0117 301 8495 today if you want any more tips and advice on how to answer sales interview questions. If you’re looking for a new role then take a look at our jobs page.