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Q: What made you want to get into sales?

Commission, while perhaps part of your motivation, shouldn’t be your only response to this question.

Before your interview, you should think about why sales is a decision that you’ve made beyond financial prospects. Your potential employer is asking this question to understand your level of commitment. If you got into sales because it was the only available position, it shows that you may not have the level of commitment that they’re seeking in a candidate.

Based on the interview feedback we’ve received from the clients we work with, here are a few pointers that act as guides to help you answer the question: why sales?

Potential responses:

“My track record of success.” Naturally, if you have had previous successes within a sales role, you’ll want to share them and explain that you’re keen to grow your skills further in a new and ambitious environment.

Top tip: give the interviewer an example of a situation where you proved your passion for the industry.

“Excellent career prospects.” Sales can be pretty much be found in any industry. Most businesses heavily rely on sales revenue and given this, a successful salesperson can truly develop and grow within a company. If career growth aligns with your motivations, show the interviewer your desire to pursue a long-term career in sales.

“My personal development.” Salespeople are naturally developing their skills based on their industry knowledge and relationship building techniques. Explain that you would like to utilise the resources around you in order to grow and improve within the role, not just to benefit your professional life, but your personal life too.

“The variety and passion of the industry.” One thing that can definitely be said about sales is that it’s not a boring job. It’s a career filled with buzz in a fast-paced and progressive environment and if this is something that excites you, find a way to showcase that. Explain that you’re keen to immerse yourself into a vibrant business within the industry.

If you do decide to talk about the commission prospect of the role, share it in a way that does not make you shine in a completely “money-driven” light, explain that you want to be financially independent, self-sufficient and successful.

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