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Q: What are your strengths?

Let’s start with the fact that the interviewer is not likely to actually want to know about your strengths in general here, sorry. That you are great at playing Fifa or can do the splits won’t really matter to them. The question is really about what strengths you have that can help you do the job you are interviewing for, how they enable you to be great at it, how they align with the business’s needs, how you are the best person for the job and how you will fit into the team. That’s really what they are trying to gauge based on your answer.

So practically, your best starting point is to look at the job description, what qualifications and skills are needed.

Then take an honest look at your skill sets and how they correlate to what’s mentioned. Consider your formal qualifications, your soft skills, your professional experience.

Think of examples for each.

Voila – you have your shortlist. Now review and pick the strongest ones to prepare, in case the question come up. Feeling confident about what you are saying will come naturally through your preparation, so speak with confidence, and not with false modesty.