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Q: How would you establish trust in sales?

If you’ve reached interview stage for a sales role, first up – congratulations! Now, your prospective employer wants to feel confident that you have the drive and desire to grow their business through driving sales, so they may ask you something along the lines of: how would you establish trust with a client?

Although the question is broad, it’s not a trick. They’re not trying to catch you out, they’re trying to find out exactly how you would build trust with a client. No hidden agendas. Remember: the format of an interview always depend on the employer, but it’s good to consider any possible questions beforehand.

Team enable’s top tip: relate the question to your personal life…

When thinking about your response, think beyond the context of working life. Consider how you build trust in your personal relationships, as the same sorts of elements will apply. This way – your answer will be perceived as honest, because it will be.

The following pointers will help you express yourself, remember to think about what you’d truly do to make the client confident in you prior to the interview, because then you can express yourself authentically, in a very natural way.

Potential answer responses:

  1. “I will be genuine and consistent.” Although it might be tough to build trust in a two-minute cold call, show your employer that you’re willing follow up on any promises that you made, that you’ll check in with the client to see how they’re getting on with the product. Prove to the interviewer that you want to represent the brand in the best way by establishing a rapport and you’ll do what it takes to make that happen.
  2. “I will do my research.” Showing the interviewer that you will be a proficient sales person by explaining that you’ll carry out pre-call research by crafting thoughtful answers prior to the call and listening to the buyer to understand their behaviours and conversing with them accordingly.
  3. “I will know the product inside out.” Explaining that you are willing to put the work in to understand the product or service as a second nature. Show them that you will “live and breathe” it. By doing this, you will convey it honestly, and will be able to establish how it could benefit a particular customer.
  4. “I will not act as a robot.” Showing your prospective employer that you know what not to do is very important – this will give them a clear view of how you understand the role. You will show them that you know that people buy into people. A genuine conversation goes a long way, and if it doesn’t end in a close, at least you’ll be confident in the fact that you showcased the brand in a human, approachable manner.

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