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Q: As a salesperson, can you demonstrate how you maintain a resilient and positive mindset?

Sales jobs go hand in hand with challenges, so being asked how you maintain your resilience is a staple sales interview question. Not everybody finds it easy to demonstrate how they maintain a positive mindset though and below are a few tips on how you could answer this question.

Your prospect employer could ask a question like this because they want to know that you are self motivated and resilient when it comes to making sales. A confident person that adapts to difficulty and keeps going will stay determined at making sales and hitting targets, no matter how many challenges they might face.

Confidence and self-motivation

The confidence and self-motivation to keep going and not be knocked by things is what employers want their sales team to have by the bucket load. Sometimes though they will also be testing for confidence over arrogance, so make sure you answer with humility.

For example, you don’t want to just answer this question with one sentence, or come across as if you’ve never experienced rejection as a salesperson before, because that isn’t believable, or very honest and you will only frustrate the person interviewing you.

Instead, talk about how you’ve learned from sales challenges and give good examples. Tell the interviewer about how you have used challenges as a real motivator. If you’re going for a commission based role then you will need to show that you can let go of failure and forge onwards into each new sale with a positive mindset.

Experienced, positive and professional

This is a good question because it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you are professional, experienced at sales, adaptable, resilient and that you have a positive mindset and can-do attitude to sales, work and life… 

Preparing for this question will help you confidently answer it in the interview – as always good luck!

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