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Q: Are you comfortable cold calling?

There can be a lot of apprehension around cold calling, but it’s a key skill often required when working within sales. If you are interviewing for your next sales job, you will likely get asked about the process that you adopt while cold calling to prove your suitability for the role.

And because some people can be resistant to cold calling and may ultimately not be very successful at it, employers will try and test who is experienced and well suited to it and who isn’t, during interview…Be prepared.

Show confidence and be positive

The interviewer will want to know that you can keep going in the face of adversity and rejection.

Perseverance goes hand in hand with a career in sales, so it should come as no surprise that being confident and resilient is what interviewers are looking for when considering their next sales hire. Demonstrate your resilient and confident personality in the way that you answer and also in the way that you come across.

Explain how you can handle rejection

If you want to successfully answer this at interview, then really think about what you might say, because you don’t want to just say yes. Be enthusiastic about answering the question and prove that you can do it by giving an explanation of how you personally approach cold calling.

There’s a high level of rejection with cold calling and sales generally, so part of this question is about assessing how well you can cope with and overcome rejection.

Nobody enjoys being rejected, so try and be genuine in your answers as well as positive and maybe discuss how you don’t take rejection personally and instead use knock backs as a motivator to try harder and to learn.

Give examples of successful cold calling exercises

Being comfortable with cold calling is one thing, but being successful at it is another. If it has already been a part of one of your previous roles, then you will have lots of examples to back up your statements with.

For example, you could say that: “I have proved in my previous roles that I am adept at cold calling, for example during my most previous role, X percentage of my sales were the result of cold calling”.

Or: “I get a kick out of converting people that are initially unsure on whether they desire the products, or services I am selling into customers”.

Preparation is key

Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought – preparation is key when it comes to interviews. Good luck, and if you’re looking for more ideas on how to prepare for interviews, then you might be interested in more articles on our blog like: 5 questions to ask during your sales interview.

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