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Product Sales vs Service Sales

Customers don’t buy a product or a service, they buy a solution to their problem. They buy into the transformation. To meet a need or improve an area of their lives.

There are differences between selling products and selling services. The primary difference is that products are something to be seen; a tangible item, and services, in contrast, can be more difficult to promote the benefits as there is nothing physical to show.

Here, the benefits and differences of selling a product vs selling a service.

The Differences

Product Sales: Product-focused sales teams will use visual components to present what a product is and what it does. Leaving some of the convincing to buy down to the product itself.

Service Sales: Service sales teams cannot show prospectives how something works, instead, they have to describe and demonstrate how the service can solve problems.

The Benefits

Product Sales: Due to having concrete attributes, customers can easily view and compare products to decide which is best for them. They know and can see exactly what they are getting, which can minimise risk.

Service Sales: You are selling something untouchable here. The benefit of this is that you can customise your service to meet a variety of needs or solve problems that match certain customers. Services also require little to no financial investment and no inventory storage space.

The Skills

The fundamental skills remain similar, whether you are selling a product or a service. A genuine understanding of the benefits/features of the product or service, strong presentation skills and strong communication, active listening, storytelling, and presentation skills.

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