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Mastering the Sales Mentality

What are the key character traits that make someone successful and effective at selling? Due to our conversations with clients and candidates, we see that these common traits can create a winning formula for the right mindset towards sales.

Be Prepared

To think like a seller, you need to be prepared to talk about and pitch your product/service at all times. This doesn’t mean you have to memorise a script and give everyone the same speech, it means being adaptable and ready to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. Think of yourself as a solution provider.

Planning and considering how you would like to deliver your message is important. Understand your audience and adjust accordingly. Will you call your prospects? Email? Connect with them on LinkedIn? Meet them?

Different approaches will work for different people, and the best sellers don’t stick to one method, they review and adjust. Always be proactive.

Be Passionate

But don’t fake it. Genuine passion is infectious — and if you ooze it, you’re already selling subconsciously. It’s pretty crucial that you’re enthusiastic about the product/service and its value – if you aren’t, how can you expect others to be? It’s much easier to influence somebody when you share your own authentic belief for the product/service.

Even if you’re skilled at convincing people to buy things that they may not need (we won’t get into the ethics of that), this won’t enable you to succeed in the long-term. Sales is all about forming relationships built on trust.

Be Resilient

Even experienced sales leaders face rejection, and accepting and adjusting to that it is part of the industry. Being resilient to rejection is one thing, but the very best salespeople can question why they were not successful without feeling too attached to the situation. Think “even if this sale doesn’t come through, there are thousands more that will.”

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