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Q: What are your long-term career goals?

All interviews are different, but your employer will usually want to feel confident that you have forthcoming visions and plans to develop professionally as an individual, alongside their evolving brand.

If the question comes up during a job interview, your prospective employer will want to hear that you’ve identified a direction and you’re moving towards growth, so they may ask “what are your long-term career goals?”.

Here, we collated a few pointers that may help you to answer this question truthfully. Consider and think about what you truly thrive on and where you see yourself going prior to the interview, because only then you can express yourself meaningfully.

Set and know your goals and aims as a professional. When you have identified those, you will be able to express them and also to relate them back to the business’s ambitions.

Start with… If you have a good sense of the business and you’re keen to get your foot in the door, you can discuss the excitement of hopefully starting a new sales role. You could say something like “getting a sales job with an ambitious company like [company name] is my current short-term goal because [mention the business’s vision] and from that I’m looking to grow and develop as an individual [mention in which areas] to positively contribute to [company names] vision and to evolve alongside.

This shows that you know what the business is looking to achieve and that you have considered how you can contribute while evolving yourself and that you know what you are working towards.

Specify how… by linking it back to your skills and experience. Describe how your skills, including soft skills (strong work ethic, excellent communication) relate well to the position in the context of the bigger picture, the business’s vision.

Here, you can describe your intended path to achievement. For example, you could say: “I plan to accept constructive criticism in order to improve rather than feeling knocked back.” or “I’d like to be seen as an industry expert, growing my digital presence as a thought-leader and trusted industry professional. As “[You name, position at company name]” – which would also build [company name’s] profile as a thought-leader within the industry.

This takes it to a practical level and explains how you are planning on applying yourself to achieve the goals set.

One thing to remember at the very core here is it to remain truthful to your personal beliefs and desires. Be authentic.

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