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How To Lead & Encourage a Remote Team

Many roles amongst a range of sectors have recently called for flexibility and the urgent need to work remotely. With many of our clients in positions of leading their sales teams and beyond remotely.

It’s important to keep your remote workers feeling inspired, comfortable, valued and motivated. Here’s how to do it, based on the conversations we are having with clients during recent times.

Encourage scheduled breaks.

Your team should aim to get up for a walk around every 90 minutes and go to areas away from their emails and work stations. Breaks enable them to refresh their minds and focus better. In good weather, encourage them to take phone calls outside.

Inspire balance.

..And don’t let it slip. People can tend to overwork from home because it’s harder to ‘leave’. Maintain set hours and communicate these with the team, check in, tell them to try to stick to a similar schedule each day. Consider those who may need to switch up their hours during this time. Your team will feel supported and able to strike a positive work/life balance.


Talking to your team helps you feel like you are still part of one. Share things, talk ideas through, use communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Help your team understand that they are not alone in their efforts. That you remain as a collective.

Guide & Clarify

(Without micro-managing). Do you want people to check in with you first thing? Send an update on what they’ve been working on? The more guidance and clarity you provide, the less risk you have of falling into potential misunderstandings. Everything can run more smoothly if everybody is on the same page and respects one another.

Make expectations clear.

Connect with key colleagues around communication, priorities, and success metrics. Will everyone be expected to work the same hours? Will all of the same plans be going ahead? Don’t leave room for people to make assumptions about anything that’s unclear — be sure to answer those questions.

Note overall activity progress.

Remote workers need to be especially proactive and alert coworkers to progress on your longer-term goals. An example? Sending a daily email/slack update with any projects that have advanced that day/week.

Create a sharing system. If you don’t already, this is the best time to consider tools like Google Docs and Dropbox to share files. Don’t scatter team files across email. Organisation and accessibility is key.

Keep team spirit alive.

It’s not easy to connect/bond with your team while working remotely, and during a time where people are isolated, it’s more important than ever to grow and maintain a positive company culture. Team Zoom meetings on a Friday with a beer? Sounds good to us.

Key Takeaways

  • Invest in the right communication tools
  • Respect everyone’s time
  • Set clear roles and tasks
  • Have virtual meetings, stick to an agenda
  • Track activity and performance
  • Make everyone feel part of the team

We hope these tips have helped. For Sales Recruitment Expertise, please get in touch with enable on 0117 301 8495 today if you are seeking help with the growth of your sales or business development teams.