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Improve employee engagement and productivity – Employee Reviews

It’s great to hear it more and more often during our conversations with clients: Employee Reviews seem to become more common practice. Great to see as they can prevent common reasons for employees to start looking elsewhere, for a better opportunity.

We have baked them into our processes and based on our experience they can truly make a difference, here is how:

Establish a relationship – No need to second guess what people are feeling or thinking. It’s just too easy to get it wrong. If you ensure to make time for regular one to one meetings, they can be an opportunity to create an open and transparent relationship, leading to a deeper understanding of each other and employees that are feeling valued and loyal and less open to being tempted away by an alternative employer.

Communicate your vision – This kind of catch up can be your opportunity to share your business’s vision face to face, ensuring that it’s communicated clearly and is understood, including key milestones along the way – allowing the time and space for specific questions and concerns, finding a way to discuss what the employee’s role is as part of this how their specific career ties in and what’s ahead.

Time to measure Performance & cross ref with Behaviours – As the name suggests, Performance Reviews” are the time and place to review how an employee is performing, the chance to identify if there are development opportunities. We here use the format that follows and is based on our company’s values and behaviours (check out our article on Cultural Fit) – we find it’s an effective way to create a unified team.

The frequency that works for us are weekly one to ones between Managers and each member of their team, painting a picture of what has been and to set goals for the week ahead – ensuring to identify if support is needed. This ensures and collectively as a team, as a business but also as individuals we remain on track.

The next layer are quarterly planning sessions and reviews with each employee. They are all about overarching objectives and growth and ensuring that all activity is aligned – so employees as well as the company are on track to achieve their ambitions.