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Q: How do you keep on top of your target market?

This common sales interview question gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how you’d go above and beyond to keep up to date with market trends, which will demonstrate your true interest in the sales industry and sector.

Based on the interview feedback we’ve received from the clients and candidates we work with, here are a few guides and pointers to help you answer the interview question: “how do you keep up to date with your target market?”

“Focusing on the right segments”

This kind of answer shows that you know the importance of your target market and have already considered methods into this. Keeping a record of those making the purchases and understanding why they are making them with information like location, age and gender. 

“Connecting with online communities”

Explain that with a strong social media presence, you can keep up-to-date with fellow industry professionals, maintain strong relationships and interact in specific groups. Show that beyond selling, you understand that showcasing yourself online with the right content really matters, as it gives an opportunity for your customers to find and engage with you.

“Closely monitoring competitors”

This answer is one the prospective employer will always be looking for. By keeping a close eye on key competitor activity, including marketing strategies, user engagement and buying trends, you will understand what is working for other businesses, and how you can do it better.

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