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How to Inspire your Sales Team

Sales success across the board is often driven by motivation – as a team, and from individual people within your business. An optimistic culture is important, and what is even more important – keeping your team truly interested and keen to sell your product or service.

But, how do you do it on a consistent basis?

As a sales leader, you have a responsibility to do just that – lead. To reap the results, it’s all about injecting the enthusiasm while managing each individual to get the very best from their skillset.

Here, some top tips on motivating your sales team based on the conversations that we have with clients and candidates…

Create a genuinely positive culture.

By proactively communicating and sharing your overarching mission across the business and aligning the vision and mission of your team members with it. Then offer and provide support to help your team to reach their ambitions. With continuous learning opportunities and regular catchups to check in with your sales staff, you will naturally form a happy place to work. If you want your sales driven, put your people at the forefront and ensure that they have the tools they need to really succeed as individuals and if that’s aligned with your overarching ambitions, you will thrive as a business overall.

Be honest and transparent.

If you want your salespeople to fully immerse themselves and show full dedication, you should implement a culture of honesty. Your employees need to understand how to move forward and continue their personal progression, which will always contribute to the overall success of the business. People respect and appreciate honesty, therefore you should ensure that your staff always know what they are doing well and what they can work towards.

Engage your employees.

Employees want to feel valued and if you demonstrate your dedication to their professional growth, you’ll see an increase in productivity. When you do notice a positive change – show it, and get everybody in the business excited about their accomplishments. Having people that will support each other is key to achieve a happy, successful working environment.

Hold Business Development sessions to learn and practice.

Continually helping your people to feel comfortable with asking approaching new business and giving them tips and tricks will improve to their personal success and the success of your company. If specific people are high-flyers when it comes to landing deals, get them to share the different ways they approach cold calls, emails, campaigns, and call scripts. They could make a quick video with their top tips and send it around a wide email thread. Encourage regular BD sessions to get everybody excited about gaining new clients.

Ask people how they want to be managed.

Everybody is different and one-size does not fit all. The approach to take is empathy and understanding, as what motivates one person may not motivate another. By holding regular 1-2-1 catch-ups (that in all honesty don’t need to be longer than 10 minutes) you can gage how a person is moving forward, you can then set clear objectives and goals together and get a feel of how they are progressing. If an employee feels understood and listened to, you’re naturally building trust.

Offer rewards that people actually want.

Unfortunately, free fruit isn’t going to keep people excited forever. They want to know that the hard work they put in is recognised and understood. During appraisals, it’s a great idea to ask your staff what “recognition” looks like to them. It might be a bottle of gin, it might be an shout out in front of the entire team. It’s a bonus if you get creative, as then your employees are more likely to share it on social media, thus reinstating the positive culture of your company and encouraging people to want to stay and want to join.

Keep them learning.

Valuable training brings something new to the table so employees don’t become bored in their day-to-day work activities. Whether it’s watching a webinar, sending them to events to network or holding workshops for them to improve their social media profiles.

Keep them looking forward to coming to work.

Organise ways to spend time together outside of work to create a true team. It might be something as simple as bowling, a pub quiz or a summer weekend away as a team. Ask your staff to save dates in their calendars, encourage them to be in it for the long haul.

How do you inspire your sales team? We’d love to gather your thoughts too. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn or give us a call on 0117 301 8495 and let us know.