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How can I work from home efficiently?

Working from home can be a challenge. With your living space and work space all blending into one, you will need self discipline and structure to stay focused and efficient.

We’ve talked to some of our candidates and clients who work remotely, and they’ve given us some useful tips on how to avoid getting stuck in a rut with making your home your office, which brings us onto our first pointer…

Make sure you have a dedicated workspace

If you can, keep your work-space separate and away from where you associate leisure time, like the lounge. We know they’re called laptops, but avoid sitting on the sofa with the computer on your lap – it’s not good for posture and it’s not good for productivity either. 

Having a room or a table that you can dedicate to work is a much better idea. If you can, make sure that you have a good office chair and a desk where you can keep all of your work stuff and shut the door on it when it’s time to log off. This helps you get in and out of work mode much easier. Keeping the work space clean and tidy is also another top tip because it helps you consider it a formal space.

Dress for work

There’s no need to be formally dressed, but staying in your PJs doesn’t do you any good either because you’ll stay in slumber mode. Getting dressed and ready for work as you normally would to go into an office can mentally prepare you and make you more productive. Again, this can help you differentiate between home and work – this is very important when you have to live and work in the same place.

Give yourself some targets

Planning your day with a list of priorities is key when working from home because it gives you structure, and routine and it will give you a series of tasks to achieve and complete. This does wonders for your motivation because tasks can take longer than you first anticipated, and you can end up feeling like you’ve got nothing done and nothing to prove for it. It’s a small set of daily wins to tick off things off your to-do list.

You are working autonomously so it’s down to you to manage your day and the beauty of this is you know when you work best so schedule things in intelligently and try to prioritise.

Work when you are most productive

If you work best in the mornings then plan to work on your harder, more methodical tasks then and save any quicker, logistical tasks for when working can be harder, or less productive for you. Scheduling in video meetings and phone calls at a time where you need a break from the screen is also another good idea.

Technology is there to help

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days and indeed technology can help you with organising and managing and timing tasks and also scheduling in things for your day, with reminders and alarms to help you move through your tasks efficiently. With Skype and video conferencing you can still effectively communicate with your team and bat ideas around, get second opinions and stay feeling part of the bigger team.

Take breaks

It can be much easier to sit with a flask of coffee and a pack of biscuits and work right through when you’re working from home, but that can be counterproductive sometimes – your eyes will go square, or you’ll eventually burn out.

If you’ve got the chance to take your break when you feel your productivity is slowing down, rather than at a set lunch time, then make the most of this flexibility. Schedule in some exercise and fresh air, or enjoy a nourishing home cooked meal with a family member. Perhaps grab a quick coffee and slice of cake with a friend. If you’re working alone then scheduling in some time around others is important.

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