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Favoured Soft Skills in Salespeople

In sales, success is often a reflection of two factors – the strength of the candidate’s hard skills and the strength of their soft skills (which can often be overlooked and undervalued).

These relate to a salesperson’s ability to communicate, social intelligence, decision making, general confidence and more. As sales is often people-focused, soft skills are crucial towards your professional development as well as maximising on sales success.

Due to the daily conversations we have with our clients and candidates, these are the most important soft skills that we see as highly beneficial.


Imagining yourself in the situation of a prospect can always work in your favour. By having a good idea of their thought processes and needs, you can target your product or service based on particular motivations accordingly. In addition, this soft skill is great for relationship building and maintenance, it builds trust because the customer can rest assured that they are being understood and listened to.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent salespeople seem to succeed because they understand how to navigate potentially difficult situations – through recognition and understanding of the prospective customer. As a result, the more a salesperson understands the emotions invested in an interaction, the better their chances of successfully making the sale. More on why emotional intelligence in sales matters here.


When a salesperson is skilled at listening and consciously accepting feedback received, their sales are likely to skyrocket and keep doing so. When you are combining the strengths of an understanding salesperson with the insights and experience of their manager – that’s a winning combination.

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