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Do Millennials Make the Best Sales Talent?

Millennials represent a growing percentage of the workforce. By 2030, they will take up 75%. (Source). Their familiarity with technology and data is practically expert because they’ve grown up in an internet-connected world. So surely, they’re shaping the world of sales. Right?

The answer is yes. From our internal knowledge due to conversations with candidates on a daily basis, we’ve come to understand the many benefits that come with adding a millennial to your sales team. It’s not just a buzzword.

  • Millennials are known to have independent mindsets with a keen desire to pursue new ideas.
  • They are career-driven and they tend to really care about the work they do.
  • They are naturally digitally savvy with an upper-hand on the majority of social media platforms, so they’ll likely know all about professionally presenting themselves on social media and marketing your brand, which goes hand in hand with sales.
  • They are adaptable, with the ability to learn new software, programmes with an open mind to experiment with new techniques, due to the ever-changing world of Tech in which they’ve grown up.
  • Millennials are great collaborators – known as the “we” generation, they are renowned for their loyalty to people and place high importance on mentorship and peer-to-peer work.

But what can you do to attract them?

  • Provide the right perks that they genuinely want. More on that here.
  • Stay up to date with the latest tech. The millennial expectation is high because they are often tech-dependent. They want the right tools to do their jobs efficiently.
  • Offer a clear progression path. Professional development is a continuous process and providing a straightforward route will result in employee commitment and motivation.
  • Sell them the job AND the company. Millennials buy into the company culture, show them why they should be a part of yours beyond the role.

If you need support with finding the right salespeople for your sector, get in touch with the enable team. You can learn more about our expertise here.