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CV Checklist: Key Sales Skills

When applying for a sales role, it’s important to consider the skills that will make you stand out, rather than forming a bullet-point list of generic buzzwords. This is your first chance to make a great impression, and it should genuinely tell the story of your skillset, rather than listing meaningless jargon that is unrelated to the role you’re interested in.

With every skill recorded, it’s a good idea to consider a case of when you have demonstrated this particular skill. This will make your CV authentic, meaning it will act as a genuine talking point during your interview.

Based on the conversations we have with clients, these are the skills that stand out and why.

Relationship building. In a sales environment, it is not only expected to create relationships but to also continue them. You need to ensure that you are a personable communicator with the ability to maintain positive internal and external relationships with professionalism.

Customer relationship management. Meeting and addressing consumer needs is a key part of a sales role. Relationship management is all about demonstrating trust and good communication in order to keep a professional relationship well managed. This is also a good opportunity to express that you understand the importance of post-sale relationships, as this opens doors to reward customer loyalty.

Emotional intelligence. Although more of a trait, this is still a great one to list as it shows a deeper understanding and care of what sales is all about – understanding the customer. The ability to ask questions with an open mind will ultimately help improve the relationship between yourself and the customer, which is a key skill that a hiring manager would like to see.

Negotiation. It goes without saying that you should be able to pitch products through networking and negotiating. Skills like rapport-building, active listening, strategic thinking and problem-solving all fall within this category.

Lead sourcing. If the hiring manager can see that you understand lead generation within sales, you can go into further depth within your cover letter or conversations of specific methods you have used in the past to generate leads.

Social media. If you know how to use social media to your advantage in sales, this is a skill that will stand out. It is a major tool in engaging the right audience alongside showing that you understand the importance of social media to build solid networks and open prospective doors.

Enable’s top tip: As well as your skills, it’s important to show off your best personality traits that feed into being a successful salesperson; tenacity in particular. An employer wants to see that you have the determination to keep going and overcome objections within any sales environment, in order to to be the best person for the job.

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