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Creative Incentives to Motivate Your Sales Team

Keeping your sales team excited is important. Beyond their own earning potential, salespeople crave new challenges and new opportunities. An optimistic culture is one in which your reps will thrive. It’s not just about engaging top performers, but the entire team.

Based on our conversations with clients and candidates alike, it doesn’t have to include all-expenses-paid-fancy-trips-to-LA to keep them feeling motivated and truly valued…


Introduce games and contests to reward different types of KPI’s. Simple things like prizes for good customer reviews, or ‘salesperson of the month’ will keep employees striving to do well beyond the money. Upselling contests are also a great way to keep the team engaged.

Online Courses

There are so many opportunities to develop, and if your reps feel that you’re taking the time to evolve them within their role, they will feel genuinely appreciated. Valuable learning brings something new to the table, whether it’s watching a webinar to improve their social media profiles or a course to create personal development plans.

Mentoring Time

Sometimes time is worth more than money. The time you invest in your salespeople will encourage them to thrive within your business if they can feel that there is always the opportunity to improve. Internal mentors push reps to learn successful work procedures and to edge out of their comfort zones. Simply pairing one of your top performers to a more junior member of staff for an hour, for them to discover new ways of learning, it’ll pay off for all involved.

In addition to the above, incentives for hitting targets like time off, a flexible working scheme, a team lunch, or even a monthly subscription box can really help keep morale up. None of these things have to cost the earth, sometimes, it’s about how much value these things provide, not how much money you can spend.

Do you have any creative incentive ideas that don’t cost the earth? We’d love to hear them. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn or give Enable a call on: 0117 301 8495.