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Conducting an Effective Sales Interview

To build a strong sales team, finding the right people is crucial. To uncover the relevant information, behaviours and skills from a candidate, you need to ensure that you approach the interview in a way that will extract the information that you’re seeking.

Based on the daily conversations we have with clients, here are some top tips for conducting sales interviews that will help you select the best candidate for the role.

Make them feel comfortable

You will always get the best of your prospective employee if you encourage a relaxed atmosphere from the beginning. Be clear about what they can expect from the job from the get-go and start off with a friendly conversation, without firing questions at them immediately.

Ask the right questions

To uncover the right information, the questions need to be angled correctly and developed into a conversational flow. Some questions like the below example might be useful.

  • “How do you keep up to date on your target market?”
  • “What made you want to get into sales?”
  • “What are your favourite questions to ask prospects?”
  • “What role does social media play in your selling process?”
  • “What’s the best way to establish a relationship with a prospect?”

Review commitment to career development

It’s beneficial to gauge the longevity of the candidate. When conversating, be sure to recognise if the candidate is showcasing their desire to not only land the job with your business but to want to stay and grow and prosper.

Question soft skills

An essential part of finding, attracting, and retaining your team members, questioning and understanding the soft skills of the candidate will help you to understand how they might behave in an everyday work setting. Whether it’s proficient presentation skills, networking abilities or strategic thinking, recognising the soft skills helps the prospective stand out from the crowd.

If you need support with finding the right salespeople for your sector, get in touch with the team or learn more about our expertise here.