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Ace your Presentation Interview

If you’ve reached your final interview stage for a sales role, congratulations! Now, your potential employer wants to assess your abilities, so if they’ve asked you to do a presentation, see this as an opportunity to really sell yourself.

Giving a presentation allows you to share your knowledge, show your ability to stay calm under pressure, and present your confidence. This is a positive! A well-crafted and delivered presentation can allow you to really stand out. (And remember, it’s a short space out of your day and will be over before you know it.)

The exact topic is often decided by the hiring manager, so we decided to gather some overarching tips, regardless of topic choice that will help you if you’ve been asked to present at final interview stage.

Gather your facts

You know the company already, you know what they want from you. When you’re asked to give a presentation, start by gathering facts and learn about the topics you should present on, assess how much time you’ll have, and ask if you’ll have access to technology. Ask questions. Utilise your tools.

Check who you’re presenting to

What is the knowledge level of the audience? Will they be your colleagues, managers, or potential clients? Knowing this will help you determine how to angle your pitch.

Structure your presentation

Once you know the topic and who the presentation is for, you can start developing a structure of the points you want to cover.

Focus on: a clear and compelling introduction, examples of your skills and abilities and your interest in the company.

A great way to end a presentation is to briefly share your vision for the sales department with any ideas and innovative ways to reach new clients.

Prepare your assets

Use a presentation tool to highlight the key points you want to get across. But only use them as a basic guideline, don’t rely on them completely. You want your audience to focus on what you’re saying, not the design of your presentation.

Add enough information to each slide to catch attention, but not so much to distract away from the point you’re trying to make.

Consider preparing handouts for the audience to keep—they can serve as a reminder of you and your presentation.

Top tip: practice and rehearse – to yourself, with friends, get some feedback.

Good luck!

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