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2020 Goals for Sales Job Seekers

The new year. A thought-provoking time – when many of us crave new challenges and desires. If you’re seeking new windows of opportunity within your sales career, what are the main things you should be doing to secure your next dream position?

Whether you’re new to sales or you’re seeking your first role, these top tips should set you in good stead for your next position.

Update your CV

Don’t wait to find the perfect role before you make changes to your CV. If you haven’t updated your CV in the last year, it’s almost certain that your skills and experiences will need revising. Top tip – sharpen the way your CV is written, make sure it’s clear, concise and easy to digest.

Think about the type of sales role

Roles that we work on tend to range across a variety of sectors, with different skills required depending on the type of role. In order to help you gain a full understanding of your sales career choices, here are the most common types of sales positions and what’s generally involved in each role.

Build relationships

While you’re searching, set yourself goals to connect/meet with at least one person every week who may be able to help you with your job search. Start with social media – LinkedIn particularly is one of the easiest ways to meet new people professionally, get those conversations going.

Learn and discover

Familiarise yourself with job descriptions and recognise the skills that you’d like to build upon. Get ahead of the game, and if there are certain areas of the sales field that you’d like to know more about – use Google, use books – show an employer/recruiter that you are enthusiastic and dedicated.

Practice your interviewing technique

Utilise your friends and contacts in helping you master the way you’d like to interview for your next role. It never hurts to practice how you will answer generic questions such as “how would you approach teamwork?” or “what interests you about this role?”.

You can browse the latest sales opportunities here. If you’d like an informal chat about any of the roles we have listed, get in touch or call us on 0117 301 8495.