Q: How would you deal with professional conflict?

This interview question is fairly broad and is often angled towards senior sales professionals. It can relate to client relationships, management relationships and coworking relationships across the board. Although the question is open, it’s not a trick. Your prospective employer is simply trying to find out exactly how you would manage potentially tough situations.

Before your interview, you should think about any difficult working relationships you may have had in the past. Conflicting views in the workplace are not uncommon, and your potential employer wants to know how you’d deal with that kind of situation in theory, the behaviours you’d choose to remain collected to deal with situations in the best way possible - in a professional manner.

Based on the interview feedback we’ve received from the clients we work with, here are a few pointers that act as guides to help you answer the question: how would you deal with a difficult professional relationship?

Top tip: relate the question to your personal life

What seems to work is thinking beyond the context of working life when it comes to this question. Think about how you resolve conflict in your personal relationships, as the same sorts of elements will apply. This way - your answer will be perceived as truthful because it will be.

Potential answer responses:

“I will listen to an opposing point of view” Showing the employer that you can empathise and understand a situation before reacting presents you as a good team player. By actively listening, you can resolve the issue more efficiently by recognising the problem and figuring out the best solution.

“I will take frustrations seriously but not personally.” This response shows that you understand how to detach yourself from the personal aspect, and will deal with the matter professionally and not let it throw you off guard. You can always take yourself away from the situation and ask if there might be a better time to talk to a prospective (or a coworker) if you can sense a change in tone or frustrations arising.

“I will have a process in place.” If it comes to dealing with a somewhat challenging client, explain that you would like to understand the stages to go through if you may encounter an issue. By getting to know the company and the processes they already have in place, you are turning the question around and finding out more about them, which they will always appreciate.

“I once had a situation in my previous position…” If you can articulately explain how you have dealt with prior difficulties and overcome them, this will show the employer that you have prepared yourself well. Be careful to not slander anybody or speak negatively as this could potentially be misconstrued.

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IWD: Celebrating Women in Sales

The theme for International Women's Day 2019 is: 'Think equal, build smart, innovate for change'. The focus of the theme is on innovative ways in which to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women. (Source)

It’s no secret that Sales has typically operated as a male-dominated environment, but over the last few decades, more and more creative, passionate and savvy women have entered the industry, and they’ve flourished.

International Women’s Day is the day to come together and pay homage, so today, we choose to share career stories of the remarkable female sales pros. Those who are experts in the sales industry - all the way from keynote speakers to authors, trainers, coaches and consultants. Let’s honour them.

Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar has been voted one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers. Working with SME’s, start-up and entrepreneurs, Alison helps them grow their businesses through effective sales, and has been labelled ‘The Entrepreneurs Godmother.’

Her words:

Happy International Women’s Day!

Building your Sales Team: Top Considerations

Bringing on ambitious, enthusiastic and reliable salespeople for your business is no easy feat. When you’re experiencing growth, you’re naturally faced with challenges and getting the right team members on-board is one of the most important factors.

We want to share a few top tips when it comes to building your sales team and where you could begin when you’re accelerating at a promising pace. Some guidance here, based on the conversations that we have with our clients.

Hire the right personality

Company culture should always be in mind. The way you work together and how the business functions should be the method that you want to upkeep. Personality types are incredibly important, so initially, defining the type of person you want will help make your decision easier.

The personalities in your office should reflect your brand and functionality as a whole. Also, keep in mind that there’s a difference between the perfect salesperson ‘on paper’ vs real life. The sales people you hire should reflect the company spirit, and you should be able to imagine them representing your product - if you can’t, the chances are, it’s not right.

Remember to not let valuable people pass you by. Somebody might not possess every skill you’re hoping for, but if they nail the interview and have the sort of personality that makes you enthusiastic, you could transition them for a better fitting role.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

It’s ok to not know where to start. If you’re unsure where to begin and need some support with finding the right salespeople for your sector, get in touch with team enable.

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