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Cultural Fit – Our Top Tip

As a business ourselves, we understand that making a bad hire can be a very expensive error. There is the financial impact of course, but beyond that, can bring and have implications for the entire team, business model, project delivery and quite frankly, it’s a waste of time. We found that the solution is often to find that ‘right cultural fit’.

We wanted to share one tip, a system that works for us and it may also work for you. It might sound simple, but key we find is to hold tight to our values.

Firstly and naturally, we ensure that the candidate’s skills are what we need but we then quickly move on to the next layer, to ensure that the person fits in with the team and business overall.

We of course want our people to have their own characteristics and personalities, but underneath we all share the same behaviours and values. If not, we could already anticipate and see challenges somewhere along the line. But if our people’s behaviours mirror our business’ behaviours, we are setting ourselves up for success.

Our values and behaviours here at enable Recruitment are, at the base of everything are:

Honesty – We’re up front, we tell it as it is.

Knowledgeable – We know our markets and clients like the back of our hands, we dig deep, we are true consultants.

Straightforward – We keep it simple, we don’t over complicate things.

Progressive – We never stand still, we are and think like entrepreneurs, embrace opportunity and change.

Commitment – We’re committed to delivering and achieving everything we set out to.

So our tip is to ask the candidate outright to share their behaviours, their values, their ambitions. If they match your business’ you should be on to a winner.