Why to get into Tech Sales now

The Tech sector is strong here in the South West. Just a quick look at the TechNation Report makes this very clear and obvious.

35,924 Digital Tech Economy Jobs in Bristol & Bath alone, Digital Business Concentration is very high (4.35 score) and an average of 225 start up births per year. Impressive to say the least.

No surprise when looking at the stats, it’s something we see on our desks too: The Tech Sales sector is booming.

Here a few reasons that we hear over and over again during our conversations with candidates, why they decided to specialize in Tech Sales:

What you are selling is some pretty impressive stuff

Look at those topping the 2017 “Disrupt SW Index”. Ultrahaptic’s Tech lets you touch virtual objects mid-air; FiveAI are working on safe and cost effective autonomous urban mobility; Graphcore are accelerating the development of next generation AI; Open Bionics have developed affordable alternatives for amputees and Wealthify makes investment possible for the mass market. All rather impressive. And when scrolling down the list of indexed businesses, the variety of products and services originating from the South West is beyond grand.

Loads of growth and room to grow

In the Bristol and Bath region, 17.4% of Digital Tech Businesses are classified as high growth, TechNation reports a 23% increase in Digital Tech Businesses and a 87% increase of Digital Business Turnover. Loads of potential here, also to grow your career and to achieve your career ambitions alongside the business ambitions.

Some pretty good packages out there

Tech Sales positions usually offer a whole raft of benefits and perks alongside flexibility and ownership. When checking in with candidates that we placed in Tech Sales, we’d say that they are rather satisfied with their jobs, happy all around. And let’s not forget about the remuneration and commission up for grabs within Tech Sales. Doing the job requires a versatile skills set, but you can expect to be paid according to what skills you can offer to drive the business growth forward.

Opportunities aplenty

24,754 jobs in digital tech in Bristol and Bath alone. Do we need to say more.


If Tech Sales sounds like something you’d like to break into or if you are looking to make a career move within Tech Sales – do get in touch, we may have exactly what you are looking for.

What GDPR means to us at enable

GDPR is a good news story to us.

As most SMEs we turned and listened to experts, gathered facts about what GDPR really means for us, our clients and in general. It gave us the perfect reason to look at all our processes, to assess and check where we are at, how data flows through our business, the What, Why and Where for all information we hold on to.

For us, there wasn’t actually that much “new” – GDPR is based on the principles that we always saw at the base of how we treat information – with respect – with transparency ( – fairly and lawfully goes without saying).

However, GDPR brings with it the need for more documentation. We took this as an opportunity to rewrite our Privacy and Cookies Policy, to make sure that how we treat and have always treated candidate and client information is shared in a clear and simple way – no jargon.

Please let us know of course should you have any questions but here it is for your reference:

enable’s Privacy & Cookies Policy

Sales Phone Interview Prep Checklist – How to sell yourself

If you got your CV and application right, proceeding to a phone interview stage is often the next step in the process.

Phone interviews are usually not the last step in the process, so they won’t get you that job, but if you don’t nail this step, it could cost you the chance to get through to a face to face stage.

Often, phone interviews are used to screen applications from those that submitted CVs that fit the bill – make sure to take it as seriously as a face-to-face interview, as the stakes are the same. Your CV got the hoped for attention, here a few things to be aware of to sense check against to stay on track.

What is it really about? Yes, there will be questions about the job, your skills, but they will often remain quite basic. What it often comes down to at this stage is, that the interviewer wants to get a feel for your interpersonal skills. Especially important within a sales environment as you know. Can you build rapport, can you get across what you are trying to, can you communicate effectively?

Know your place. Let the interviewer lead through the conversation, don’t hijack questions, don’t twist them to say what you want to say. Listen carefully, think and respond with well chosen words. Show them that you are easy to talk to, easy to get along with, that you can think on your feet and that you get it.

Do you need to prepare? Yes and definitely and for certain. Don’t try to wing it.
Read up on the company you are applying for to join, be prepared to talk someone through your CV and career journey so far and your experience that is particularly relevant for the role you are interviewing for. And if you can, find out as much as you can about the person you’ll be speaking with.

No need to memorize information – take advantage of the situation that you can’t be seen. You can refer back to what you researched, but make sure that it can’t be heard that you are looking through paper or clicking through pages.

All this will make sure that you have the confidence it takes to shine and not to waffle. Don’t waste anyone’s time, be efficient with your responses and respect the time of the interviewer. Some example (and rather broad) questions to be prepared for are:
Tell me a bit about yourself.
Why do you think are you the best person for this role?
Why do you want this job?
What do you see as your biggest achievements as a sales professional?

Be ‘technically’ prepared. Charge your phone and ensure you are in an area where you have reception. Choose where you take or make the call. No distractions, minimum background noises and no need to type.

Then, flip the coin. Let the interviewer ask all the questions they prepared. They may or may not ask you in the end “if you have any questions at this stage” – but even if not, you can ask if you can ask some questions. Have some ready.

It shows that you really want this, that this is not just one in many jobs and that you are taking this process seriously. Ask about the team environment, the team structure, targets and KPIs and next steps in the process.

This process is to benefit you as much as it is to benefit the interviewer. You can find out if you truly want this job.

How to get it all across? It comes down to basic manners. Be friendly and warm, but not too friendly and warm, keep it professional in tone. Smile, they can’t see you, but it will come through in your voice and attitude.

What it all comes down to: You can and want to do the job. You will fit in with the team and the culture.

And finally…
Set a reminder to make sure to follow up with us two days after the interview if you haven’t heard back yet. Ask where they are and you are in the process. It will show that you care and that you really want this. We can then pass this on to our client and let them know that you are truly keen.